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Her sacrifice. His vow. Satan’s vengeance.


 I loved Lenore, and was amazed and thankful every day that she loved me. 

Then, on a late winter’s night, Lenore was murdered and taken to the fallen angel’s palace on the River Styx.


Now I ride with a bounty that Satan has placed on me – a warrior shielded by the demon overlord’s own oath. I will never forsake my beloved bride. I will rescue her. I’ll fight until the archangels have cloaked her in their embracing wings.


This is my oath.


Demons and angels, monsters and warriors, witches and wizards, kings and brigands in an age of flintlock and sword as one mortal man battles to save the woman he loves from Satan and the Damned.


A quest of love and honor...

… a journey of horror and death.

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