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Rebel Nation
The truth grows poisonous in the dark.
In a nation where the Confederacy is a world power, shots ring out, and a famed civil rights leader is murdered.
McKenna Alexander, a Yankee-born network-news reporter, and Cullen Davis, her despised Southern ex-husband, are hunted by the authorities and by assassins as they follow a trail of treachery and deceit to uncover the truth behind the killing.  
The search will take them from the elite boardrooms of Richmond to the internationally divided city of Little Rock; from the nightmare chaos of New Orleans to the national park in Washington City as they discover secrets that reach from the Presidential offices to the revolutionary underground to Cullen's own powerful family.

Stires creates a frighteningly believable Confederacy made all the more so by its close adherence to actual events ...  If you like alternate history peppered with intrigue and twists, then Rebel Nation offers a good read. – APEX Science Fiction & Horror Digest

Rebel Nation has enough decadent wealth, courage, weakness, vengeance, hate, family conspiracies and other juicy human indulgences to hook you and keep you reading ... It's a story you can sink your teeth into. A thumping good read – Cheryl Swanson, author of Busting Loose: Cancer Survivors Tell You What Your Doctor Won't and Death Game.

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Wyoming 1895. A spacecraft crashes in the high mountains. The only survivors are the pilot's alien pets. A band of cowhands, led by a veteran army scout, ride into the high country after the ravenous beasts that are decimating the wildlife and their ranch's cattle herd. The hunters become the hunted as they face these merciless predators from another world.

Reading Chris’s hybrid novella reminds me of the kind of exciting adventures that inspired me as a kid to want to read in the first place.  His richly detailed characters combined with the breakneck pace makes me glad there are daring and skilled writers like Chris out there.  This is the first fiction I’ve read in a long time that I devoured in one sitting because I was anxious to see what would happen next. – Raymond Obstfeld, author of What Color is my World? (co-written with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), Borrowed Lives, Earth Angel, and Fiction First Aid.


Chris Stires has written a whip-smart novella that allows his talents as a writer to shine: dynamic characters, intelligent plotting, and a writing style that drives the reader from chapter to chapter. – Jason Sizemore, author, editor, and publisher, Apex Publications.

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The Inheritance

Winner of the Dream Realm Award for Horror

What if you could have your every wish ... whim ... and desire? What would you want? And what would others want from you?

After eight years in a Mexican prison, Jess Claiborne is attempting to readjust to normal life. Then he inherits a mysterious box from his murdered uncle -- a box that will grant his every wish. He soon realizes that ownership of the box comes with a terrible price tag -- possibly the life of the woman he loves, and his own.


Chris Stires has created a story that not only resonates with tons of thematic integrity but keeps you turning pages long after you say you're going to put the book down and go to bed. - Mark Sevi, screenwriter of Arachnid and Pterodactyl and host of Plotpoints Podcast and Whoever Writes Monsters.


Chris Stires demonstrates remarkable range ... in turn macabre, suspenseful, and surprising -- and always enjoyable. - Raymond Obstfeld, author of What Color is my World? (co-written with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar), Borrowed Lives, Earth Angel, and Fiction First Aid.


Dark Legend

"I am a ghost ... What follows is my story ... how I was murdered and the events after."

Ashley Troy-Browning, a disbelieving freelance reporter, investigates the story of an imprisoned spirit and the horror house he walks. As she uncovers the truth and the way to free the ghost from his tomb, she falls in love with him. And that love could cost her more than her life.

In a house called Journey's End, from midnight to dawn they scream...

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